Creating Shape With Arc Line


I am a very new SketchUp user and was trying to model a curved piece of wood. I made the curve using the Arc tool. My question is how can I like “fill in” the drawing I’ve made in the attached image. And if this is possible, can I push/pull the object to make it like a few inches thick? Thanks for any help!!

Here is the shape is made, but you can see how it isn’t filled in like a rectangle would be when its made using the tool:

Curve.skp (103.5 KB)


Unfortunately your image hasn’t uploaded. How about uploading the SKP file instead, though.


My bad! Just uploaded the SKP. Thanks!


Got it.

The problem is that your curves don’t lie in the same plane and so they can’t define the edges of a single face. In this case all the X coordinate values would need to be the same.

I would redraw the shape but first draw a larger rectangle to draw the arcs and other edges on. That’ll make it easier to keep it all on plane. Once you have the shape drawn, you can erase the outer edges of the rectangle leaving the face you want. Then Push/Pull will work to give it some thickness.

Before you do any of that, though, go to Window>Model Info>Units. Set them to Fractional, set precision as high as it will go (1/64") and untick Length snapping. This will make it easier to draw your model precisely.

What’s it supposed to be?


Much appreciation for the quick response! That makes perfect sense, I would not have been able to figure that out myself. Happy 4th!


Good. Happy 4th to you, too.