Making a more complex shape



Hi, thanks in advance for the help, I’ve been trying to construct this shape for a few days now so I really appreciate it!
I have included some reference points to make the geometry clearer. There are a few things I’ll clear up:

  • The faces with dots, crosses and lines are all flat and orthogonal. Also, the dotted faces have the same geometry.
  • The line that traces through point R is circular.
  • From P to Q the line goes down (in the y) AND back (in the x).

Thanks heaps, as i said I really do appreciate the help. This has been stumping me for a while!


Is this what you are attempting to draw?

Draw the rectangular prism and on its bottom, draw and arc with the 2-Point Arc Tool. Make the bulge of the arc 2.

Select the vertical and top horizontal edges as shown.

Get the Follow Me tool and click on the face inside the arc.



3 tutorials all starting with a box.


Wow that was actually quite easy. Thank you so much!!


Hey Dave, on one of the sides it’s putting in heaps of lines, any idea how to erase them without also erasing the surface?


It looks like your curve is exploded. How did you draw that curve? Certainly not with the 2-Point Arc Tool as I described. It also looks like your curve is a wee bit too deep.

Also, how big is this? What units?


You’re right, I instead used the bottom of a circle. Is this an issue? It worked for the right hand side okay.

The length is ~150mm


What do you mean by “the bottom of a circle”? If it was part of a circle, it would have equal length segments which you don’t have.


No worries i figure it out, I had an extra little arc on the LHS which it was fitting to. I appreciate all the help Dave!