Creating a face on a structure with curved lines

Hi. I’m tryin to create this structure thats similar to the red/orange object. Im’ having trouble getting the face to fill in on the curved surface. Any ideas?

mailbox (8).pdf (369.7 KB)
mailbox (9).pdf (428.3 KB)
mailbox (10).pdf (461.4 KB)

What are the dimensions of the thing? Is it supposed to be the same curve on all four sides? You could use Follow Me.

The bottom plane is 14" x 23". The Top plane in is 4" x 4". The top plane is !2" above the bottom plane. It’s supposed to be the same on all 4 sides.

OK. See my edit, above.

Wait a minute! Is the top supposed to be square?

Yeah square top

Which is why i think im having issues.

I didn’t get the square from the PDFs. And if that’s the case, the curves can’t be the same on all four surfaces. Hang on moment.

Yeah, fair enough. I feel like the curved line on the four corners could be the same, at least from a physical fabricating perspective. I understand it’s a tricky thing in SketchUp.

No. It’s not the same.

Not terribly tricky in SketchUp.

It’s two different curves so you need to manage it that way in SketchUp as well as when you go out to your shop to bend the real parts.

Make the shape with the curves on opposite ends and then push “cutting” shapes through, use Intersect Faces and erase what isn’t the final shape. Make sure you correct the face orientation when you get done.

Out of curiosity, how will you fabricate these pieces in reality?


Awesome thanks so much. I’m going to make it all out of steel. Solid steel armature, sheet metal skin over the top.

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That did it, thanks again!

mailbox (11).pdf (68.9 KB)

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