Science Fair Help: How Do You Fill Faces On A Curved Surface?(PICS)

I tried the make face plugins and I click the sides with pencil tools but it doesnt work. Please help me fast, I have deadlines to meet for a project for my Science Fair

that’s a start from scratch type of situation (imo).

do you have the file you imported? (i’m assuming you didn’t draw this in sketchup, right?)
maybe someone could get a better import with the file.

Yeah, that’s a bad mesh. What was the source of the import? Can you cleanup the mesh before importing it to SketchUp?

Looks like a crappy mesh !

That looks like part of a car’s fender ?

SketchUp can cope with geometry of the size of a car… provided that there are not any overly tiny edges/facets.
Perhaps you have those ?

Use View > Hidden Geometry > ON to see the subdivisions…

SketchUp cannot create edges < 1/1000" long as the vertex-points are deemed to be coincident.
Then any faces that those tiny [omitted] edges might support are not made.

If you Scale up by x10 or x100 the tiny edges/faces might form.

After your processing you can Scale back down, because tiny edges/faces can exist - BUT they cannot be created !

This is a well known issue…

The image name is “holes in car”, so probably yes :wink:

@GenZod: can you share this part of the model?

Oh yes I will, I am so sorry I sent this so late, I thought this thread did not send, like I thought I never pressed post or something…email me at for it please, Im not allowed to send it here because of max capacity problem

The model is from the Honda site in Genzod first posting, he has three total since last post, the Honda model is good. The only problem I found was few self intersection vertices and edges but Netfabb indicates it is 3 d printable without modes he made Those modes lost some of the model integrity. The orginal model is a stl file and they provide both high poly and low poly model. He has not followed any suggestion included his orginal post, should ask question in that and remove the others. I have quit trying to help since it is waste of time with his approach.
Drop box link , decimated slightly from Honda low poly model Dropbox - Error

WOW thank you, that was really helpful, im sure that took a while to finish but thank you. i wished there was a way we could be even.