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Hi there,

I am totally new to sketchup and not even in the designing business at all. So I am a real amateur!
Initially I downloaded sketchup to create a design for part I need for a motorbike.

Got pretty far but now bump into some problems and after searching unsuccessfully for a couple of hours it seems to be time to drop the question here.
Is there a way to show the design in this forum so I can point out the problem?



When you’re typing your message here you will see some icons above the text input area. The drive with arrow pointing up icon lets you choose files to upload, you could either upload an image or even the SKP file, so we can try it out.


Mount Version 1.skp (505.6 KB)

Great thanks!
So i first drew a base plate and created some holes.
Somewhere in the process the surface of the plate vanished. At first I did not notice so i have no Idea what caused it.
How can I re-create the surface again.

Now i just drew the whole thing again but I guess there must be an easier way to do so.


Draw over an edge on the top and bottom faces.This will form the main volume.
Now select all and use Intersect with selection.
The circle-edges will cut the new surfaces and then you can PushPull the circles to make the two holes.

You have some issues with missing facets.
At this very small size any FollowMe [or similar operations] can result in missing facets when tiny edges < 1/1000" result.
Scale everything up x100, do the processing and Scale back down.
Tiny geometry cannot be created, but it can exist after scaling processes etc…

I set the Units to show in inches, switched of distance-snapping, and in passing I also Reversed the faces of the U shape which were created ‘backwards’, I finally reset View > Hidden Geometry ON.


While TIG was typing I was checking into the missing corner faces. You can resize the whole model using the tape measure. In my case I tested by clicking with the tape measure at the end of one line, then at the end of another line that was 3mm away. I then typed 3m Enter, and it asked if I wanted to resize the model, which I did. Once it was that big the Follow Me worked fine, I could make the end circle travel around the line that was inside the pipe (I deleted the pipe before recreating it).


Thanks for the great help!!


Hi Tig,

I can draw over as much as I want but it does not form a surface anymore.
What Intersect with function do you mean?


Your ‘flat’ U shape has no face on its top or bottom.
The general way to reinstate or add a face is to use the Line tool and draw a new edge over an existing edge, snapping to its ends.
When I do that a face forms.
I repeat it on an equivalent bottom edge, and get that face.

This method makes a face that uses the ‘outer-loop’. which I drew over a part of, so the two circles are not ‘cut’ into it.
Select All and use the Intersect with Selection context-tool…

Now the circles cut the main flat faces, top and bottom.
Click the fours circles’ faces [2 top, 2 bottom] and press ‘delete’.
Now those ‘holes’ are visible again…


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