Can some one help me with this simple model?

Hello everyone. I am trying to make what I believe is a simple ‘cup’ I guess you would call it, I have attached the model.

Oh my I have been at this for hours, and I mean hours, its for 3D printing and when imported into a slicer, its either solid between the two tubes or the plane between the two disappears.

When I try and make the model its just such a massive fight with sketchup, if anyone has any advice on how I should have built this thing then please let me know, because simple push, circles etc is not doing it.

Areas I have struggled with:

  • Aligning the various elements to be central
  • Creating a base for the larger cup and then cutting a hole into it for the next tube to go against. This seems simple but ■■■■ SU would not have it, either deleting the inside plane of the circle or pulling the walls through sort of thing, rather than a solid.
    I tired creating the second tube circle on the base and pulling that but then deleting or pushing the center to then create a hole will not work, it deletes the walls of the large circle
  • A constant fight with SU to move objects around, I understand the trick with the arrow keys to force it in one direction, but if its near another object it wont have it.!.skp (1.7 MB)

Have you tried using follow me.

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■■■■ you made that look so easy! Let me try

Oh my, this is so hard, I cannot get it to work. It wont close properly with a small shim that wont fill.

I looked up follow me on youtube, I am trying here. this one poxy model has nearly made me cry lol.

help2.skp (1.3 MB)

Align the profile perpendicular to the path(the circle).

I think I did that the first time round but the bottom part was just a thin column.

I’ll try again

You are also running into the tiny face issue, your circle has 60 segments, scale everything up by 100 and try again.

This will help explain the issue.

Ok, but the circle is that a specific geometry, I am assuming its the size want the bottom part to be?

The circle is a path, it can be any size. The dimensions of the finished item are controlled by how far the profile is from the center of the circle and the thickness of the profile…

OK thanks.

I cannot do it, it always leaves a gap. I have increased by 100, the piece is now technically 3 metres tall. but there is still a gap it refuses to fill

no wait hang on. I see. I had to select the circle then select the follow me tool then click the extrusion. I was try to select the circle after the follow me tool

One other question probably windows related. As I am using sketchup windoes keeps flitting between a sketchup fil being a SKP or and Adobe Dimension file, I can literally watch the desk top refresh between the two. Anyone else seen this?

■■■■ one more question scaling up was easy how do I scale it down by 100, -100 does not do it, and typing 100 again even though I am going the other way just duobles it.

I’ll leave you all alone after that I promise

0.01 scale