"Follow me" leaves a random hole in my model

Applying “follow me” to this profile leaves the resulting model with a random hole in the top.

I’ve tried erasing and recreating both the profile and the circle at the bottom - nothing helps.

I’ve tried different sizes (larger, smaller, identical) and locations for the circle - same result.

I’ve tried moving the profile around - same.

I’ve tried modeling the area near the top of the profile as either an arc, or a little straight line between the arc and the upper-right corner - this hole appears no matter what I do.

I’m at a loss. There is nothing anywhere that should generate a hole here. It’s a closed shape - and the details and features of that shape don’t seem to matter.

Any idea what’s going on here?


SketchUp has a tiny face issue. Typically I model my small parts using meters for inches. Another method would be to scale the model up X10 or 100. And yet another The Dave method.

It’s not a random hole. As @RLGL indicates you are running up against the limit of SketchUp’s tolerances for short edges. Either model at a larger scale or reduce the number of segments in your arc and circle.

Scaling it up worked… man, this app has a lot of weird quirks requiring funky workflows. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You’re using an application that is designed primarily for architectural 3D modeling to make relatively tiny parts.


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