How do I make a face meet with a curved line?

Hi guys, I’m pretty new to sketch up and need some help making a face match with the curvature of a loop, hopefully the uploaded image is enough for some to help me out.


Probably the most straight forward way would be “hand stitching”. It might look something like this.


Arghh yes! so simple, you have helped me solve a very frustrating problem cheers Shep!

One question though, how did you hide the stitches so well? I used “shift” + “eraser” but they are still visable

Try the eraser with Ctrl

Hmm still didn’t work…

Oh, you have hidden geometry on.

View>Hidden Geometry (uncheck)


From your last screen shot, it appears there are some internal faces you should remove. Certainly where the horizontal ring and the bar meet. Very likely at the near ring, too.

Cheers dave, does this look better?

Yep. It does indeed. :wink:

This is a component I will be getting someone to 3D print, can you see anything that may be an issue for that? or any critical advice?

Thanks a lot for your help Shep, much appreciated :grinning:

Not from the screen shot. If you share the SKP file, it’ll be easier to tell.

Final.skp (214.7 KB)

You still have internal faces in the area where the bar meets the vertical ring. There are some other issues as well. Hang tight.

Gahh I’m such a rookie, cheers for this Dave

It takes practice.

How critical is the overall length? Is the distance between centers important?

Yeah it is quite important, the distance between centers needs to be 21mm

That’s what I thought. Yours is off by a little bit.