Novice. I need help to "flatten / intersect"? shapes

I’m so beyond frustrated with myself for not being able to figure this out. I desperately need this program, so, I hope someone can help me, otherwise, SketchUp Pro will be completely useless to me going forward. I’m novice, so please pardon if I’m not using the correct terms. :slight_smile: I’ll explain as best I can.

(I’m going to try to upload a file for example, too.) I want these very simple shapes that have been created with shape tools & drawn curves & lines, to ‘merge’ so that I can select them individually; for different colors for example, and then to be able to copy them individually to stained glass layout and cut list.

It’s all on the same plane and same layer. It’s all exploded. There’s nothing wrong with any of the lines (that I can see). I have tried both of the ‘intersect’ options, which works on part of it, like it did in the attached file.

This should be the simplest thing to do, but, I can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance. Deb

TRYING_Flatten-Or-Intersect.skp (282.0 KB)

How did you create the pattern in the first place?

The curves that end without closing loops create problems for SketchUp as far as creating faces.The very short edges in the curves also are problematic. You would do better to work at a larger scale.

I scaled the model up to 1 in. = 1 meter. Then I erased all of the faces you had because there were some places with two or more faces in the same plane. I created new faces by tracing edge segments. For the faces where the curves extend into the region, drawing an edge segment from the end of the curve fixes it.

How are you planning to use this once you have the faces created? If it’s only going to be a 2D thing, maybe SketchUp isn’t the right tool for the job. If this will ultimately be 3D, it may be that you need to do something different in your modeling process.

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Thank you, kindly.
With the intent for it to be only 2D, in this case, I just created a curve, copied/flipped/rotated them to the positions I wanted, then added a circle behind it to (try to) capture it all. I understand those outstanding curves wouldn’t make their own shapes without closure.
Besides very simple construction-type projects, I’m also wanting to use Sketch Up to create layouts for cutting my stained glass projects. I need to be able to copy the pieces that are created individually for layout, including orientation changes often, onto different sheets of glass before it is cut.

Thanks again. I’ll try larger scale. I have no idea how the ‘multiple pieces on same plane’ happens and why that’s a problem, but, will try to avoid now :slight_smile:

I see. Do you make any allowance for the thickness of the web in the came?

No. Since I primarily work with foil-method, which needs about 1/16th in. I cut with a diamond-coated bandsaw, which has a thickness of about 1/16th in., so cutting right on the lines works very well.

I see.

You may have figured this out but you really don’t need to bother filling in all of the faces. Once you have one of each shape finished, you can make components of them and then copy those around.

Once you have the pattern modeled, you can use LayOut to create a full size pattern.

Thank you so much. That is exactly what I am needing to do. … Just gotta get all those bitty shapes to cooperate, LOL. Maybe this piece was a bad example. I actually have never used LayOut. Will try it too.

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