Intersecting faces tutorial?

I’m looking for the above. The search is useless ? how does that work? I type something and there is no response ? I’m looking for the tut on in Intersecting faces?

What exactly do you want to know?

Thanks for the vid. First I have only the basic SU, so I don’t have any of the cutting tools.
So I’m trying to cut one shape with another, so for example use a tenon to cut the mortice!
The tut on doing this is aimed at using cutting tools which I don’t have.
I’m cutting into one shape with another but it’s not leaving a ‘surface’ it’s leaving the cut shape ‘hollow’?
The beginners tutorials I’m finding I have to plough through the whole lot till I come across what I’m looking for which is a pain, the search bar is of no use. There must be a better way of finding something quick ?

Without ‘intersect faces’



Do your screen shots show what you want to do or what you figured out how to do?

Your profile indicates you have SketchUp Pro so you would have the Solid Tools. If you don’t, is your profile in need of correction?

FWIW, in a situation like the dovetailed box you show, I wouldn’t use the native Trim tool. Instead I would use Trim from Eneroth Solid Tools or from BoolTools2. Those two extensions retain the components. The native Solid Tools convert components to groups.

If you really don’t have SketchUp Pro, BoolTools2 works in Make as well.

I’m going to guess it was what not how.
Here’s one non solid tools way.