Cutting parts with either solids or intersect faces

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cupper wire scrap.skp (132.0 KB)
Iam use to work with interswect faces but:
I want to cut a way that triangle piece by the use of a “cutting sheet” but no result.

problem with solids (not working for make, exept outer shell olso not working)
Intersect faces doesn’t work either.
pls. advice

add. info
this doesn’t wordk as compoinents, both or one selected as wel as both exp[loded.

Try with the geometry scaled up 100x.

Also, is it correct that the separate rectangular face is slightly slanted in the second direction (along the block component)?

You need to copy the cutting sheet, open the component for edit, and paste in place, then do the intersect faces. As @Wo3Dan notes, it may be helpful to also make a copy of the component + sheet and scale up before doing the cut. Because the grooves slope through the component block, clean up of extra geometry is a bit messier than in simpler cases, but it is still just a matter of erasing extra edges after the intersect:

Scale Up.
Here it is scaled just by 10.

Working at a larger scale will help. You don’t need to explode the component. Just cut the “cutting sheet” to the clipboard (Edit>Cut) and then open the component for editing and use Edit>Paste in place. Select all of the geometry within the component and use Intersect Faces>With Selection.

No the triangle l/r is the same. Maby it appair some diff. because the holes are increasing 0.5 mm.

No doubt we are all wrong.
Hopefully some more knowledgeable people will come along to answer your question.

I see what you mean. I didn’t bother to look at it in front view. All clear now.

It’s working well now. Thanks for your support.
regards albert.

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