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I have this object attached. I would like to cut it in half and I tried everything but nothing works. You can cut it anywhere you want, I just want to know how to make a cut so I can do it by myself.Untitled.skp (405.2 KB)

I tried creating a rectanble -> INTERSET FACE but does not work. Any idea?

Slicing a model

Did you enter the component before you drew your rectangle?


It worked for me. As @MobelDesign implied, you need to open the component for editing and place the cutting plane in the component before running Intersect Faces.


Exactly. Here’s a screencast. Might be ridiculous to upload for something so simple, but it’s my first opportunity on the forum, so I’m all excited :slight_smile:


@MobelDesign, Your mp4 video worked well.

You can also use animated GIFs, but they don’t have sound. They can though show a visual ‘blip’ when you click the mouse button.

Following the example of others on the forum, I’ve used the free program called Licecap which is available for both Windows and Mac, to generate animated GIFs.


WORKED PERFECTLY! There are videos in youtube with 20k pageviews and they dont explain so well as you! They say I need to group the rectangle in a separate group and for me that does not work! Your solution worked perfectly thanks!


Thanks @john_mcclenahan for advice. I’m using ActivePresenter, also free, which I think exports GIFs as well. I’m just not very experienced in the tutorial realm yet.


So actually I didn’t even think of that, but that works too. You draw the rectangle as I have shown, but group it separately, then still open the group that you want to cut, and just like before, intersect with rest of model.

However, the only advantage I can see to doing it this way is that maybe it makes deleting the rectangle easier in complex models.


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