Intersect faces with model tool in make

Hey guys.

I have SketchUp Make downloaded for educational purposes and I cannot turn off the pro trial, so i am stuck in pro for another 30 days, and cannot test my own question. Anyone who has Make, help please.

I am trying to figure out if the “intersect faces with model” tool that can be found by right clicking on geometry, is a part of “Make” or a part of the “Pro” edition.

My trial still has like 30 days or something and I need to get an answer to this much sooner.

If any of you are using the normal Make version, could you test this out with some intersecting geometry and let me know?

I always preferred the “intersect faces with selection/model” tool to the solid intersect tool set with union, trim, and all that. I want to make sure for educational purposes that students can still intersect geometry in the Make version.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

It’s part of the MAKE version too.

The “intersect faces with” functions are the same in Make as in Pro. The Pro-only ones are the Tools->Solid Tools (Union, Subtract, Trim, Intersect, Split). The solid tools intersect is a different operation than the right-click ones.

Thanks both of you! I hoped this to be the case I just had to make sure, I wasn’t getting a definitive answer from the existing training on or sketchup’s help site.

Future note, try the community first.

Thanks again!