Intersect Faces with model only copies some of geometry

First off, I’d like to say ive been using sketchup for awhile now and I’m not a novice user. I know how its supposed to work and what makes it break.

I’m having an issue.

I have 2 simple,parallel faces to intersect. I’m trying to copy holes from one face to the other. The face that has the holes that I want has been made a group. The face where the holes need to be copied to is not a group. I simply butt the faces up, select the two, and issue the intersect with model command. (making sure not to be in the editable mode for the group) The intersect with model command gets all of the geometry except for one line segement on one of the circles. This is a terriable issue to have because if those segements stay there it can cause issues later down the road. If I scale the model up or down by any amount the intersect with model command works as it should. (I tried scaling up 5000 percent as well as a 10 percent upscale)

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Sounds as if your holes are too small. As you have found (I think I’ve understood that right) when you scale up, everything works. Search this forum for ‘the Dave method’ to cope with SU’s inability to create ‘small’ edges in new geometry. But it can keep them when they are created at a larger scale, then scaled back down. ‘Too small’ seems to be diameters of less than a few mm, or about 1/16", where the edge segments get much smaller.

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