Intersect faces not working


I have this object aaa.skp (188.6 KB)

It has some holes that intesect each other. So I tried using a method that a guy posted online to select the face → intersect face with model and I get this bbb.skp (190.2 KB)

How do I make this holes intersection right?

Intersect Faces is working just fine. The problem is that your holes are so small that you’re running into the small face/short edge issue. Scale the model up by a factor of 100 first. Then run Intersect Faces and clean up the waste.

Since you made the block a component, use the Dave Method. Make a copy of the component, scale it up by 100. Open the large copy for editing, run Intersect Faces, close the large copy, delete it, and return to the original which will look like this.

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