Intersect faces not creating faces on all edges

When I intersect faces with the model I get the result I want:

This is exactly what I expect to have as I need a plane with all the intersections for DXF export.

Now the problem starts once you zoom in. For whatever reason some of the edges intersection created, do not create a separate face. You can see that if you try to delete the face out of the inside:

It happens randomly and I can not locate what is the issue.

Another example - some circles have their faces created while others dont:

It is the issue because once I select everything inside the group I want to export and export it to DXF file, it creates doubled lines on the edges. Is there any way of making the intersection so whenever a circle/square or whatever connected is being drawn that it will connect on its own?

I feel like my english is not good enough to explain this properly but lets try.

You may want to share the skp file to get specific answers.

INtersections.skp (1.6 MB)
There you go.

A second intersect and one edge seems to sort it for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many times where I have struggled to get a face to cut.

in addition to what box said, I believe your problem lies in the fact that you have overlapping elements.

see this zoomed-in screenshot where you can see grey and yellow tubes fighting (which actually are the tubes itselves and the holes in your parallelepiped created by those tubes

If they where not you wouldn’t have doubled lines exported nor having to intersect once more.

don’t intersect your plane with both items that have been already intersected and the ones that have been used to do so.

Second intersection is something that does the job, I didn’t think about it. Thank you.

And yes - all of the objects are placed by profile builder and their placement is dependend on the lengh of the object I put them on. So sometimes it happens that elements do overlapp and while I fix it manually, its common to leave that one element somewhere.

Double tubes (yellow and grey ones) are the effect of some other actions I took at the beginning but later figured out I don’t actually need to make these holes inside the main objects if I simply intersect everything with a plane. It makes sense that these will create double cuts tho. Good point.

Anyway we found the solution so let me thank you all, my life with DXF export will be easier now :slight_smile: