Cant make in a curved surface, please help!

Currently, I am using SketchUp pro-2018. I drew a shape for my work but I can’t make the program recognize it as a curved surfaceUntitled.skp (169.4 KB)

Upload the .skp file so we can see what you have to work with.

The link doesn’t work

Sorry for the stupidity but i am completely new to sketchup so i dont even know how to share the link…
But what happened is i drew two arcs and i want to colour in the space between them but there is just an empty space. Also, i do not want to download any add ons for sketchup and i am using the free trial until my school gets the full version because, you know, covid-19.

oh nevermind i think it may have been because i was new or something because i earned the basic badge and now i can send it.

The simplest option is to just extrude the face. Then I soften the edges using ctrl with the eraser.
Or you can stitch the curves together by drawing edges between the endpoints, those same edges I smooth in the gif.

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Thank you all especially box for helping me (: