Create surface (edge) between 2 curved surfaces

Hello, Im new in skechup and I cant figure out how to create edge between 2 surfaces…
FACE.skp (177.4 KB)

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says 2021 Make which is impossible.

I have 2021 with lot of plugins, also 2022 without plugins…

Please correct your profile. Change Make to Pro. That information helps us help you and when it is wrong, it causes confusion.

There are different options available for this. You could use something like Curviloft to create the surfaces on the edges. I used Joint Push/Pull instead. I erased the inner surface before starting.

First, the outer surface of your shape needs to have face orientation corrected.It’s a mess at the moment.

After that I ran CleanUp3 to get rid of coplanar edges.
Screenshot - 6_1_2022 , 8_42_49 AM

Then Joint Push/Pull to create the thickness.

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Almost there, but how to get rid of those ugly diognal lines? Those dont let me make nice plywood edge later on…

That’s due to the bad geometry of your original surface. If you clean the original better you can avoid those. Or you can get in there are draw in edges to isolate the bump and erase it.

How did you create the original surface in the first place? Seems to me it should be much less triangulated and the triangles that are required should be much more regular.

I didnt created this one, seems to be imported from somewhere…

Ah… Might be worth really cleaning it up. Depends on how you need to use it.

Im just using it for vray renders, need to add plywood edge, but diagonals messes up everything. Whats the best way to clean geometry of that edge?

may be create new surface from line with curviloft or other plugin?

I think creating a new surface from the borders is probably best. I would probably also redraw the borders to get cleaner, more regular curves.

But im not shure because triangulation happening in the moment when thickness is created, and it always isn’t straight, so Im not shure is there possible to get rid of diagonals that way…

Join Push/Pull will give you decent edges IF you give it nice clean surfaces to pull from. Creating an ordered surface should help with that. Of course, of you are starting from scratch, you could always try creating the shape in 2D, adding thickness, then bending using FredoScale.

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You can’t get rid of all of the triangulation in the surface but cleaning things up should get rid of those bumps on the edges. At least it did for me.

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but how would you make it from scratch?

If I were modeling it from scratch I’d start with some basic dimensions and work out the shape. For something like this I would start with the major shape and then pare it down. Maybe something along these lines to get to the outer surface. Since it’s symmetrical I’d only model half of it. I only eyeballed it and there’s no attempt to be accurate in this case.

I used essentially the same process when I modeled the seat and back for this dining chair by Michael Fortune.

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So far so good, created basic shape with two surfaces and connected them with bridge from vertex tools, cut the half, but how can I cut the unnecessary off? Joint push pull?
Uploading: PUSH PULL.PNG…

You don’t need to use Joint Push/Pull. Just use the Nnative Push/Pull. tap Ctrl before running it so you can extrude out beyond the opposite side of the shape. Then select all and use Intersect Faces>With Selection. Finally erase everything that isn’t the outer surface you are after.

Please correct your forum profile. It’s still incorrect.