Create surfaces with edges only

Hello everybody

I’m designing a plane with Sketchup Free. For the edge of a wing I draw main shapes and lines.
But I don’t find to how to create surface between edge lines.

Who can help me to use an efficient way and resolve my problem ?
I uploaded here the element.

Surfacetofill.skp (106.5 KB)

Thanks to all

Well, in SketchUp Free you would need to stitch the vertices to create the surfaces. With a desktop client version of SketchUp you could use an extension like Curviloft to create the surfaces.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version. that info helps us help you.

Stitching correspondent vertices as mentioned by @DaveR above, see next image:

The selected blue edges are manually softened and smooth (see selection on the right in image) with the ‘Eraser’ tool while holding down [Ctrl].


I think the OP was using SketchUp Free, since he posted the post (or topic or forum??) under it.
Regardless, @DCDP, I’ve done most of the work for you. I couldn’t do the first section closest to the human scale model because the two curves were giving Curviloft some problems I don’t know how to full fix (properly) and I’ve to start my homework.
Hope the Sages have helped you enough!
Surfacetofill.skp (143.3 KB)
(edit: I forgot to mention, I use 2017 make, but your original file was 2016, so you will have to use .dae and stuff and stuff to get it back to 2016. sorry, i may try and do that for you if i have time - rushing some homework :upside_down_face:)

I’m going to guess from the model supplied that you are using 2016 Make. So as Dave said Curviloft would be the easiest way to go.
Curvi wing

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Well ! Thanks for all your replies.

I apologies to all. I forgot to fullfill my profile and that’s done now.
I use Make 2016 version 16.1.1451 (sorry I think using Free because it’s is previous name).

I’m feared that stitching is the only solution. In a way I have not the choice.

@Dave & @Box : I’ll try to install Curviloft.
@WhiteShadow : thanks you very much for the work. And courage for your homeworks.

Curviloft is a very good extension.

It seems that Curviloft is not free, isn’t it ?

It is not free.

So since you aren’t using SketchUp Free, perhaps you could edit your first post to fix that and ccorrect the forum category.

You’re right. it’s modified.

Problem solved. thanks to all

You’re welcome, and thanks.
Also, @DaveR, interesting thing is that I got Curviloft for free. When did it become not free? I got it about 2 years ago and I haven’t been keeping up with updates.

Earlier this year Fredo6 changed a number of his extensions to paid ones. It was announced on February 27th. You can keep using the old version although it may quit working at some point. Don’t be surprised if that happens.

I finish the plane :slight_smile:


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