Help needed - create face on curved edges

I need assistance in closing a shape/creating a face on a curved surface.

  1. I’m trying to create a surface that looks like a sheet of paper with one corner flipped/turning up at the edge.

  2. To achieve the flipped/turned corner, I created a solid surface then used the Bezier tool to draw two curved lines on perpendicular faces to meet at a point. I then removed the excess surfaces and used the Weld plugin to join all edges.

** I attempted to create face at this stage using the Eneroth Face Creator plug in, but it could not create a face. I tried to scale the model up large in case I missed some geometry but could not find the issue. **

  1. I’ve used the CF Shape Bender plugin to create to curve the overall shape. I would like this shape but with a face such that the final shape contains a flipped corner and curved face.

See image and file below.
Would appreciate any help / solutions. Thank you!

curve sheet with holes.skp (1.2 MB)

Like one of these?

I used Fredo6’s Curviloft to skin the surfaces.

By the way, your profile says you are using the free web version but you are using extensions so that wouldn’t be correct. Perhaps you could correct your profile?


Your issue is that a face in SketchUp is always planar, and the outline you have drawn is not planar. A surface, such as @DaveR created, is made up of a bunch of faces with the edges between them softened and smoothed. Fredo6’s curviloft extension that Dave used is one very powerful way to create the surface, though extensions can’t run in the web version your profile says you are using. Are you actually using SketchUp Make?

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DaveR and slbaumgartner, you are both correct. I selected the wrong Sketch version when setting up my profile. I’ve updated it to the desktop version now (I think)…

DaveR, thank you for showing me the Fred6 Curviloft extension. I will attempt to recreate the same effect.

I appreciate the advice you both have provided. A follow-up question:
Given that this more of simulated single face – i.e. many faces with edges, smoothed out to appear as continuous single face, does this mean that if I attempt to add a texture to this new “single” face it will not be applied uniformly through out?

Thanks again!