Please may somebody be able to instruct me how this would be possible

Hi there, if you’re reading this, thank you! I’m currently trying to design a shape and just trying to work out how on both sides I would be able to add a nice curve(shown in photo 4 subtly). I am struggling as the shape bends around and not sure how to do this with a complex shape. Any help is always appreciated thank you! I’ve attached some files

Curve.skp (528.7 KB)

Hi, just read your question. What i can suggest is : try to play with this plug-in call : BEVEL

do some study and play with it.

Curviloft or SubD plugins could work.

You might be able to do it with the native sandbox tools, but I only use them for terrain.

Yes, I managed to make a cutout for it and got the nice curve I wanted, just working on how to make the edges all a tiny bit softer without breaking the geometrics. Thank you for the reply

Hi, Curviloft and Round Corners, two excellent plugins from Fredo6 would help you enormously !