Curved surface help

Please anyone out there can help?

How I can make a curve like the pictures attached in Sketchup?

Please upload individual pictures. I (we) do not want Google Docs installed on our PC’S!

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You can use the arc tool and plugins like Fredo’s Bezier spline and Curvizard to make 2D outlines of different curves. You can use Plugins like. Curviloft, Soap Skin Bubble, Extrusion tools to skin the outlines. Mayan relics?

Further with organic shapes, Vertex tools, Artisan and Subd might be helpful. But the above would probably be sufficient to allow you to fill in the shapes you show.

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Thank You for your reply…

I already make these curves now I want to extrude these curves like image attached.

Perhaps SoapSkinBubble is a good plugin for this. Be aware that is probably best to be sure your model scale is very large so that the smallest faces can be created by SketchUp.