3D MODEL CURVED - possible?


Is this possible to make in sketchup? probably with plug-in?



You can use Bezier Surface to create the initial surface:

Then use Fredo’s Joint Push Pull to extrude it:
(Requires LibFredo to be installed: http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=LibFredo6)


what is that? i’ve modeled something very similar before… :wink:


Thanks. Dimensions of the curves are known. Plug-in Bezier takes that into account?


It’s more of a free form modelling tool. But if you place guide points you should be able to snap to them.

Though an alternative is to manually draw the contour curves and then use Fredo’s CurviLoft - might be easier to get your exact curves: http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=Curviloft
(I don’t know exactly what type of curves or what dimensions you have…)


when i first drew that thing in the picture above, i just drew the outside perimeter (and if you know the dimensions of yours, you should be able to do the same) then as tt just said, use CurviLoft to skin it… and JointPushPull to add thickness to the surface.


Hi Jeff: What is THAT?


it’s a sculpture that you can ride a skateboard on, duh :smile:

haven’t had a chance to build it yet… just a smaller prototype piece…

but i have some different ideas now anyways so the rendered thing will probably never be built.