I'm stuck at a design, need help


minilimpo.skp (798.6 KB)

Hello there. I have some curved surfaces that i can’t make for myself and i don’t see how i can pull that off. Been wondering about it for 10 hours and watching tutorials but by myself i can’t do it.
Is there anyone who can do it for me? I attached the project file. I am willing to pay something in return. Maybe for some experienced users its easy and quick, i don’t know.
I have designed some Fascia for my smart car to support an ipad mini. I wanted it to look somewhat like original and like other fascia from alpine for their radios that i’ve also attached here.
So, what i can’t do is that silver part, the “bezel” arround the screen, cant smooth it out.
If you open my file please pay attention to the ipad mockup that is in the hidden geometry. it is in position so that all of the ipads screen can be visible.
My drawn bezel is “straight” and i need it to go round and deep,sort of like in the example, so it can gain view angle from the sides.

Thank you, hoping that there is a willing soul around here.


Attach an image or the model itself and someone will be able to either tell you how or do it for you.
Use the upload button to attach the files. 7th Icon from the left on top of the reply box.


thank you for your advice. already edited!
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Something like this?

minilimpo1.skp (798.4 KB)


Wow! Thats amazing. I really want to know how you did it. Can you explain it to me briefly?
Well that’s pretty close to what i wanted. Except for two things: first is that i have a problem, when i export it as a collada and import it into Shapeways 3d printing platform/website, it does not see it with the hole in the center. I’ll upload the printscreen:

Second thing is that it would be great if the outer part of the bezel could follow the rest of the fascias shape and that it does not extrude as much as it is doing.

Thank you so much you don’t even imagine how bad i feel after spending so many hours trying to do what you did in 10 mns.


I used a plugin called Curviloft to skin the bezel. As you can see I just moved the face back with pushpull then select the edges and use the plugin.
You just need to make the curves that you want then skin it.

Can’t help you on the shapeways issue, never used it. But the model I uploaded for you was certainly nowhere near being ready for printing, it was only an idea to get you moving in the right direction.


Ok! I’ve never thought that i would need some plugin to do this kind of thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really should download this it will be very usefull for sure. About shapeways, no problem. i’ll figure it out.

THANK YOU so much!


You could do it several ways without a plugin.
Hand stitching the faces, takes a bit of time bit not hard.
You could use a follow me profile around the frame then intersect the Ipad hole with it.
There are always lots of ways to do things, it just depends on which tools you are more familiar with.
I looked at your model and curviloft was the quickest option that sprang to mind.
If I was drawing it from scratch I would probably mostly use follow me on some nice curves then intersect the various pieces and remove the excess.


Although it’s really not a big deal, especially when you can cut the work in quarter by taking advantage of symmetry. To illustrate:



Gully_Foyle , Hi! Thank you for the reply.

I’ve watched some tutorials that approached it just the way you’ve mentioned. But i didn’t made it that way because of the problem i’m having now: i need to warp it so that it can “fit” on a round surface so i thought that the best approach was to make it straight with the pull tool and then intersect edges because i can’t pull curved surfaces. And still i managed to fail at my objective :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had blender classes while in college but nowadays o don’t remember almost anything so i’ve tried sketchup and i only know how to do the very basic. For me learning how to model 3d without someone expert on your side is really difficult. video tutorials don’t help me because there’s always that little detail in the shape that is not covered or exemplified on video that as a newbie i don’t have the knowledge to design.

Thank you for your example too, i’ll try to build something that way next time.


I never manage to do what i want with follow me. I hate it. It’s a personal thing! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see why that disqualifies hand stitching. Hand stitching is specifically used for creating warped or compound-curved surfaces. The object I showed you has a warped surface.

Please explain your concern.