Need help skinning a complex curve

Hey peeps.

I have a complex curve that is part of a stand for a phone charging dock. I’m having an issue skinning it as it curves in more than one axis. I know I can subdivide it, but it’s really tedious (although I’ll do it if no suggestions).

So is there anything I can use to help with this? The curse was done by hand so not plugin support.

Link to Image

Here is the model: SU Model

you could either hand stitch all of those curves together to form surfaces or,
use a plugin such as CurviLoft in which you’d only have to select the 4 perimeter curves and the middle curves/surfaces will fill in automatically.

if you want to go the plugin route, i don’t think fredo’s CurviLoft is available through trimble’s extension warehouse… instead, you’d have to get it from sketchucation’s plugin store:

Additionally, you can have a look at TIGs Extrude Tools.