How to fill skin in this curved area? Ive used soap skin and bubble but it doestn help anymore

There are several plugins that will do this for you, Curviloft by Fredo6 is the first one that springs to mind.

But think about what it is you are constructing and you should be able to do it with native tools.
Here you see I simply scale the face and the curved section reshapes itself to fit.

Thnx box for the suggestion, but its totally different, because the line
at red axes is curved too, help me buddy

Guessing from a photo of your screen makes it nearly impossible to know what you need.
I have already suggested Curviloft which is available from Sketchucation.
Attach the model to get more specific help.

More view of mine


Attach the SketchUp file. Photos taken of your screen with your phone don’t help.

this one.skp (22.9 KB)

I’m on my phone now so unable to look at your model.
However I have twice suggested Curviloft and even given you a link to it.
Have you tried using it?

Not yet bro tomorrow may be , ive finished dasigning for today

Ok I’ll wait a week or so then before trying to help further.


Okey thnx box

What an utter waste of time.

My problem has solved thnx guys

What was the plugin used to solve this?


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