Another curved compound surface fill

I’m having trouble filling in some compound curves. I’ve tried to extrude them straight up then scaling, but then I cant get the curve I want in the middle. And Curviloft doesnt want anything to do with frame I have drawn. Is there another plugin that fits my needs?

sesame.skp (1.4 MB)

worked for me using curviloft skinning

I did one flute at a time then selected both flutes and rotated them. I selected two curves then evoked the skinning tool and selected the top and bottom profiles of a single flute

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Curviloft skin contours works -


Three times the charm… CurviLoft on the concave section then the flat section. Copy - Array then selected the Curviloft created groups and exploded.

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Thanks for the assistance. I see that my problem was not selecting the correct curviloft button. Once I used skin contour, it went pretty easily.

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I use curviloft tools so rarely each time is a brand new lesson. :slight_smile:

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I finished the drawing. The grandpa wanted a bunch of signs for his grandson, so I’m going to 3d print them for the party. I’m sharing the file with whoever wants it, and I’ll be posting it on Thingiverse soon enough.

And since it’s too large of a file, I’m hosting it:
sesame street sign
Oh yeah… It is broken up for easier printing.


I am curious…why is it so large?

I drew it without measurements, so it’s it a bit larger than normal. Also, I ran into zero issues with sketchup getting goofy over too small of a dimension or intersections. I have a 10" scaled down version around the ZYX center.

Just checking…thought that might be the reason and you forgot to scale it back down. :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget that Curviloft has more than one possible shape.


I printed all the parts and modified the original drawing a little. You dont usually see all the little problems until you try to print them.


That’s pretty cool. I’m going to see what messes I can make with that extension.

I did try to use curviloft in that manner using the op’s profiles and it wouldn’t work. I didn’t attempt to find out why.

Not sure what to tell you, I didn’t bother using the OPs model as I knew the option I was showing wouldn’t form the shape he wanted.
But I downloaded it and it works fine for me.

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Im sure it was something i was doing wrong I use it so rarely