Defining a compound surface from curves

I am attempting to define an object with several compound curve surfaces from a series of 3-point curves, but having no luck. I have attached the file of what I have so far - it should be self-explanatory:.Claws.skp (196.3 KB)

It depends a lot on those 3-point curves. If they can be redesigned then that shape can come out.

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Use Fredo6’s CurviLoft plugin. It will quickly fill in the spaces. The curved faces will be groups. When you’re done filling in faces, select everything, explode it, orient the faces, and remake it as a component.

I came across the Curviloft plugin in a google search of the problem last night, but it appears i need to purchase a subscription to the site hosting it to download it?

No. You need to register at Sketchucation but you can do so without cost. Premium members do get additional benefits but you aren’t required to pay to register. For a free account click the button right in the middle at the top.

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As far as I can tell, you can register on the SketchUcation site for free and have access to the plugin store. I’ve had a free SketchUcation account for years and always been able to access the plugins (as long as I can remember my password).