Question About SketchUp Extensions

Hi All,

I just saw a video on Youtube and saw a couple of SketchUp extensions that was used in the video but it wasn’t specified which extension they were. I took a screenshot of the tools. Please help me find the tools if you know what they are. Thank you.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 100205

Screenshot 2023-08-10 102555

Bezier Spline on top. Curviloft on the bottom. Both by Fredo6 and available from Sketchucation.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
I tried installing both extensions. The tab for Bezier Spline showed in SketchUp but the Curviloft tab didn’t show. It wanted me to install LibFredo6 for me to be able to install Curiloft so I did, but the tab still doesn’t show. Is this normal?

You need to have installed the latest version of the sketchucation extension store on sketchup, curviloft is a paid plugin by the way, it will work for 30 days, you must get a license after the trial period. Fredo tools are one of the best for sketchup imo. I got all his extensions, there’s a bundle with eight of his plug-ins for 40 bucks that includes curviloft, joint push pull, fredo scale, round corner, toposhaper, animator and fredo tools but I also recommend you to get fredo spline and fredo portrait, both are awesome plug-ins that are not included with the bundle.

Oh I see. Thank you. Is there an alternative extension of Curviloft that is for free?

Maybe look at Extrusion Tools at Sketchucation. It doesn’t do things exactly like Curviloft but it’s good to have.

Soap skin bubble can also generate a mesh out of contours.