Other plugins similar to Curviloft, RoundCorner and JointPushPull

First of all hello to everyone. I’m new member and this is my first post so please don’t crucify me if I am doing something wrong.
I have a question for more experienced sketchupers. Where can I find plugins similar to Fredo’s curviloft, round corner and joint push pull?
Recently Fredo started to charge for them and I currently can’t afford to get them right now, but that plugins are of great value to me.

I’m currently using my buddy’s laptop which has installed payed version, SketchUp Pro 2021. Thanks for your answer though.

I don’t get this kind of talk. Did I do something to offend you? I kindly asked for help, if you can’t give it to me why do you have to be mean? I’m using my friends laptop that he borrowed to me. He is in the Asia on some buisness trip so he doesn’t need it for time being. While I’m using free version he has payed verson of SketchUp so he lend me laptop for me to see diferences between two versions.

I answered your question above, he is in Asia at the moment and will be there for some time.

I’m sorry you think I’m being mean. There was nothing mean in my post.

“Or does your buddy not know you are using his computer?” Sounded mean to me…

To clarify, 40$ for bundle maybe not much in US, but in my country it is not little also. About 300$ here is average minimum month wage.

Good grief! That wasn’t intended to be mean. I’ll remove that from my reply since you found it offensive.

Good luck.

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I think @DaveR did a good job initially answering your question that there are not really any good replacements for Fredo’s extensions.

If you can’t afford to buy them then you can always ask questions to this forum for alternative ways to model without them. EDIT: Fredo offers 30 days of free trial so if you need it for a specific project you can still use it unless you’ve done that already and your trial is up.

For curviloft alternatives, Chris Fullmer has a great extension called ‘simple loft’ you can check out.

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Thanks mate

Just keep in mind that the web-based versions of SketchUp cannot (currently) use any plugins at all due to technical limitations.

I understand that. Thanks

Everything be as it may, @DaveR helped me with his previous post where he mention TIG’s Extrude tools, so in a way he helped me and I’m thankful.