More Fredo6 plugins becoming paid extensions

After more than ten years of free distribution, some of my plugins will become paid extensions.

Precisely, these are:

  • RoundCorner
  • JointPushPull
  • Curviloft
  • FredoScale
  • ToolsOnSurface
  • TopoShaper
  • Curvizard
  • VisuHole

The transition will take place as of March 1st 2022.

After a 30-day free-trial period, these extensions will require a Sketchucation license.

Price is USD 12 per plugin, or USD 40 for the bundle of all 8 plugins. Sketchucation Premium members have a significant discount on this pricing.

IMPORTANT: please upgrade to Skecthucation ExtensionStore v4.2.5. Earlier versions may show issues with plugin installation on Windows (unzip error) and for licensing on old version of Mac OS (10.13 and 10.14)


Personally I’m happy for you on this one - your extensions are a large part of why SketchUp is what it is and I think you deserve to be compensated for that.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community! :grinning:


These plugins and exceptional support are well worth it.


Well worth it for $40!! Glad to see you compensated for all the value you bring to users!


You more than deserve full compensation for all of your contributions and generosity over the years.

Will be happy to buy your $40 bundle for plugins that have been so essential for me.

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C’est avec plaisir que je les achèterai également
Merci Fredo

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Thank you you for your generosity in the past. This is long overdue.


Oh no, purchased license for round corner today! didn’t realise there was an option to bundle? Can I pay the difference to obtain bundle?

P.s. I agree wholeheartedly with the other remarks, couldn’t do without you… cheers.

There are amazing plugins worth paying for and a developer to be supported!

I sometimes have problems with FredoCorner (an extension I paid for) and in that case, I still use RoundCourner. Could this be a 1 for 2 extensions perhaps??? They do the same job, but sometimes FredoCorner won`t work when RoundCorner would.

It`s not a complaint as they are super helpful, especially CURVILOF and JointPushPull…

Thank you.

I will happily pay for these. But how do I obtain the revised versions and licenses? I can find nothing on SketchUcation about either!

Do you have the most recent versions of LibFredo6 and the extensions? Check in Window>LibFredo6 Settings>Check Fredo6 Pluginsfor Update.

Update any that are needed. If you’ve been using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install and update extensions, open the UI and click on the gear icon at the top. It should show you if there are extensions that need updating. All of Fredo6’s are up to date on my end but one of TIG’s needs it.

Word is that the admins at Sketchucation are working on a way to make the license bundle easier and it should be up in a few days. Well within the 30 day trial period.

I did that first thing. Everything I have shows green.

Then nothing to do for now.

see my addition to the previous post about the license thing.

40 USD for a one time purchase?

Sir you have been my hero and savior for many builds. Please provide a link on where to buy and take my money. :slight_smile:


The Purchase page for the plugin (here is the one for RoundCorner) shows

  • the individual license
  • the bundle license (8 plugins). If you go for the bundle, you will receive the 8 licenses.

You can also access the purchase page by going to the submenu ‘License…’ of the plugin and clicking on the button: Obtain License…

More details for licensing at this post on Sketchucation. There are instructions as PDF.

No hurry however, since you normally have a 30-day trial period.


Thank you very much for your helpful works.

I have most and do not use them as much as I should BUT I echo the previous comments! You have been extremely generous and have helped the community as well as others who also create plug ins. I admire and will support your decision. Thank you for all that you have done!

Would agree to this as well - these are some of the most essential plugins out there. Today my FredoScale didn’t work for some reason. It was the most horrifying experience to work with Sketchup without BoxStretching… :slight_smile:

However - a question. As we have approx. 10 liscences of Sketchup I am a bit worried. Not about the cost per se but about it being linked to a specific e-mail address. How will you adress this problem? Somebody leaves the company, I need to set up a new mail-adress for a new employee - how can I transfer the liscence? Or is there some sort of “company bundle”?

I draw cabinets all day so I use Box Stretch more often than I do many native SketchUp tools. I am more than happy to pay you for this amazingly useful extension!