How can I buy plugins from Fredo

How can I purchase plugins from Fredo now that his plugins are paid? I’d appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction, preferably with photos.

Go to Sketchucation to purchase them.

Make sure you also have the current version of the Sketchucation tool installed. In fact, install it first and then use it to install Fredo6’s extensions.


So I went to the website and registered. I went to the pluginstore and searched “fredo.” There are many versions of his extension, and I’m not sure which one to download or which button to press if I want to purchase it. Because this is my first time purchasing a paid extension, I apologize if I sound stupid asking this question. I hope you understand.

Fredo6 has plublished many extensions. Which extensions do you need? Maybe you want to purchase the bundle which would save you a bunch of money. The extensions included in the bundle are listed here.

As I indicated, you should install the Sketchucation Tool first and use it to install the extensions you are after. Get it from the Resources section. Also look at the dependencies for Fredo6’s extensions. Most require LibFredo6 which you can also install via the Sketchucation tool.

Are you still using SketchUp 2019?

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If I want the bundle one, I’ll think about it. But for the time being, I require the Round Corner, PushPull, and Tools on Surface.

The reason I’m still using Sketchup 2019 is a personal preference, as some of the older extensions I’m using aren’t quite working as well in the latest version of Sketchup, and I don’t like the new logo; I prefer the older one. :laughing:

Your call but the licenses for the three you list will cost you $36.00 USD and the bundle which includes those three and five more would only be $4.00 more. If you opted to become a Sketchucation Premium member the bundle would only be $24.00 USD.

That’s fine. If you had updated to a newer version I was going to suggest you update your profile. That’s all.

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So paying for the bundle will be reasonable.

If I decide to use the latest version soon, I’ll update my profile, but for now, I’m fine with the 2019 version.

Sir, I appreciate your assistance. I’m grateful.

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