I downloaded Fredo6 and have no ideal how to make it work. Help please

I downloaded Fredo6 and have no ideal how to make it work. Help please

What specifically did you download? “Fredo6” doesn’t identify a specific extension.

The whole library

Do you mean LibFredo6?

yes, that is it

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LibFredo6 is a set of support files that are commonly used by many of Fredo’s extensions and is required for those extensions to function. By itself it’s not useful.

If you get extensions like FredoCorner, RoundCorner, FredoSpline, etc. you’ll need LibFredo6.


If Fredo’s extensions are doors, LibFredo is the key.

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I am trying to get round corners to work. I haven’t paid yet but, I will do that. How do I pay? I have Fredo6 and roundcorners in my extentions list. What is my next step?

Did you get RoundCorner and LibFredo6 from Sketchucation? You’ll also need to get the Sketchucation Extension Store.

After you have installed them all, close SketchUp and restart it.

To purchase the license you’ll go to Tools>Fredo Collection>RoundCorner>License and click on Obtain License.

I did get it from Sketchucation. Get Sketchucation Extension Store??

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sketchucation: round corner:
The pack is $40, or it can be bought by itself for $12.

You’ll need to sign in.

The plugin store extension is great for keeping your other extensions from sketchucation in one place.

Dave’s got you, pay me no mind

Yes. That is required for management of the extension licenses.

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You should be reading these threads at Sketchucation.




I’m sorry for being so stupid but I can’t find Tools>Fredo Collection>RoundCorner>License and I don’t know how to get Sketchucation Extension Store.

The link for the Sketchucation Extension Store tool is provided in the Requirements section in the first link I gave you.

OK, I got Sketucation Extension Store. It is in my Sketchup now. I don’t know what to do with it but, OK, I’ve got it. Now I am working on the Fredo6 thing.
Thank you

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Click on the red toolbar button in the Sketchucation toolbar. Sign in to your Sketchucation account and use it to download and install both LibFredo6 and Round Corner to make sure you’ve got the most current versions of both. Then quit and restart SketchUp to ensure they get loaded properly. Look again in the Tools menu.