Fredo Corner is outdated and won't install

I was using Fredo Corner then was told it had expired and I needed to purchase. I went to the Sketchucation site and saw that a perpetual license is $25. No problem. The problem is there is NO place to actually pay for it. There is a donation button but that is akin to a “Patreon” monthly donation. I just want to purchase it! Help.

Look at the instructions on the first page of the FredoCorner thread. You’ll need to have the sketchucation Extension Store tool installed also. You can get that under Resources at the top of the Sketchucation forum page.

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I appreciate the response but there are multiple Fredo Corner threads. Which one has the instructions. BTW, I did install the sketchUcation manager.

This one: [Plugin][$] FredoCorner - v2.3a - 27 Jan 21 • sketchUcation • 1

It would make more sense to post this on Sketchucation where Fredo would see it.

Thanks! I went there and it gives the general instructions on how to install. Nothing on how to pay. Do you have any idea as to how I do that? I’m happy to support the cause but I don’t like to pay in perpetuity, I’d be happy to pay the $25. I posted a note but I suppose it will take a bit to get a response. Unfortunately these things always seem to happen when you really need to use the program now! Thanks again for your response.

Install the extension. Then go to the Tools menu>Fredo Collection>Round Corner>license