Fredo "Corner" vs "RoundCorner" License


I am a bit confuse if Fredo Corner and Round Corner are different or same extension.

1.) I got license for “Round Corner” and successfully activate it.

2.) After activate, even close and reopen SketchUp I still got window message asking for upgrade

3.) When check Menu > Tools > Fredo Collection > Fredo Corner > License > obtain license
There is another purchase link to Fredo Corner USD25

I am ok if they are different extension and need to purchase separately but from using interface it seems like they are doing the same thing. I am trying to stop pop up window when I use Round Corner which is already activated license.

BTW, Thank you Fredo6 for your long term giving free use this extension.
I am more than happy to pay for it to support you.

Thank you very much.

Fredo Corner is an upgraded interactive big brother of Round Corner. Separate plugins.


thanks again Box for quick answer. I will study both extensions again :slight_smile:

The warning message clearly says you need to upgrade to the latest version of Sketchucation ExtensionStore…
So roundcorner is not the problem.


oh! Really ! Sorry I did not read carefully. Thank you for your help !! @tweenulzeven

On my phone so didn’t see that.

I did see it on my phone…

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I’ve needed new glass for quite some time now.

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You’re welcome!

I believe that changes were recently made to the sketchUcation store plug-in to deal better with licensing. You need to update the plug-in before the licenses will work properly.

Thanks all @Box @tweenulzeven @slbaumgartner

Problem is fixed after I update SketchUcation ExtensionStore to latest version :smiley:

Only thing to complain is their bad UI, There is not menu or button to click for update.
I need to google and download new .rbz and manually update it from extension manager.

Actually, if you’d installed an update via the Sketchucation tool once, it would alert you to the fact there’s an update. The following screenshot shows there’s an update available for at least one extension I have installed. Either way, you could have used the older one to install the update. No need to do a Google search. Here I’ve chosen the Sketchucation as the author (first one in the list) to bring up the ExtensionStore tool for downloading.

BTW, this is the one that has an update available. Clicking the red download button would update it. If there’d been more than one extension needing an update there would be an Update all button, too.


Glad I looked at this. The Extension Store wasn’t telling me I needed to update the Extension Store.

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@DaveR Thank you for this. Next time I will notice if there is red notification icon.