Fredo Extension issues

So… Just gone to use ‘RoundCorner’, and it’s decided to tell me my trial has expired, even though it’s the bought version and has been for a long while, and when I try to install the licence I get this message:

Needless to say, I have not changed the name of my laptop.

And, of course, it was working fine yesterday.

anyone got a fix?



First thing I would do is make sure the Sketchucation Extension Store is up to date along with LibFredo6 and Round Corner. That’s all easily done with the Sketchucation Extension Store tool. Next, do what the message directed. Delete the license file and revalidate it.

It’s happened to all the Fredo extensions…

Seems to be just them, which is odd…

Obviously I completely understand what you mean here, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this who may not have the skillz, could you expand a little on the process?



I’ve had the same issue with Fredo’s plug-ins, I tried to contact him but had no luck, I deleted the files that say do not delete on the folder that contains the signature file, then uninstalled all the plug-ins and installed them again, after doing that the licenses were recognized. Also go to the sketchucation website and manage your licenses, delete the seats you have assigned before installing the plug-ins again.