Sketchucation after update to 2024

After postponing, as always, for a long time updating to a newer version of Sketchup, this time 2024, I updated today. I postpone because I know what’s going to happen. Since a few years I developed the, in my eyes, most efficient procedure: throw everything Sketchup from your computer and start from scratch. It costs some time, but all the times I met a lot of problems with updating I learned that a fresh start is the only way. However, I run in a strange problem now.
Last year I bought Fredo roundcorner, which is a nice extension. However, to use it, I have to install Sketchucation extension, Then I see also a license extension, then I need some Libfredo, then I need the Roundcorner extension, then it says I’m not licensed, then I click on activate license, and then it is sending me to my finder, and everything ends there, because my finder can’t help me.
Maybe the reader of this is noticing a lot of frustration, and that’s correct. I think the updating process of Sketchup is not from this world, and the extension system is even not from this universe .
I really have no clue about how to get on with Roundcorner. Can anybody give me a hint please?

From what I read in your post, it sounds to me as if you are making things harder than they need to be. You should have installed the current version of the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool and used it to install LibFredo6 and Fredo6’s extensions. If you had already had the license for these extensions with your previous version of SketchUp, those licenses would be found automatically. Also, if you had used the Sketchucation ExtensionStore to install Fredo6’s extensions (and others from Sketchucation) you would be able to install the latest versions of them automatically by selecting the “Bundle” in the ExtensionStore tool and installing it.

If you didn’t do things properly before, use the ExtensionStore tool to search for and install the extensions. Then ad the licenses for the extensions. For example with Round Corner, go to Tools>Fredo6 Collection>Round Corner>License and add the license. You should have the license file from the e-mail you received when you purchased it. Or you could go to the Sketchucation site to retrieve your licenses.

BTW, please update your forum profile. It says you are still using SketchUp 2022.

Ah, good one Dave, I updated my profile to 2024.
Thanks for your help, I think I can sort it out now.
But I stick with my opinion that it should be a much more streamlined process :smile:

At least as far as Sketchucation goes, I don’t know how it could be anymore streamlined.

Install the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool.
Open the tool and sign in to your Sketchucation account.
Click on the gear icon at the top.
Click on Bundles.
Click on the Install button for the bundle.
In the window that pops up, click on Install Bundle.

Thanks Dave!
To nuance my remarks: Nothing negative about Sketchup itself, I use it everyday and I’m still stunned by how beautiful and easy it works. It’s just the stuff around it, the updating process, the license management of Trimble etc.

Yeah, the Sketchucation tool is the way to go. A small tip save the license files in a place they will be backed up safely as a precaution.

Done :+1:

You can find your licenses by using the extension itself.
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As a matter of fact I just saw that I stored the licenses in my Gdrive 2 years ago… :sloth:
But the way Dave described it did it for now.
Always happy with this Forum!

That was forward thinking. :+1:

I often put things in a safe place so I don’t lose them but then I can’t remember where the safe place is. :wink: