Fredo's Corner - issues again

Sorry for the swedish in the uploaded pictures. But What am I missing?? I had Fredos Corner working perfect - and after a while I got the message to “manage expired license” and I think I have downloaded everything neeeded. I have been so many times now at sketchUcation and FredosLib and watched tutorials about installation and so on. And I have restarted SketchUp.

Have you bought a license to use it after the trial expired?

I thought so because it looks like I have al license - (in the pic I uploaded). And I do not use SketchUp regulary so long time between actions…so maybe I have no license. But in my search I have only found a place where it says “download”. Exactly - I mean really exactly (because I start to feel very stupid) can I find the option to buy a licens?

Start Here.

Ahhrrrghhh - sorry, once again I only find the “download” option. Nowhere It says “buy license” or so. And all this (from the screen pic) doesn’t mean that I already have it ??

I’m not sure why you are asking here when it is a Sketchucation extension, but…
Do you have the Extension Store installed, you need it for the license. I think you do.
To get or install the license you need to go here

If you already bought the license you would have received an email with the file you need for it.

Forgot to thank you! Finally - done deal - can go on doing smooth corners. Happy !!


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You seem to have got the licensing working…

BUT there are overlapping things going on…
The message ‘Undertecknad’ is ‘Unsigned’.
In itself this is not a disaster.
If you are using Extensions from trusted sources like the EWH, SketchUcation’s PluginStore or reputable authors own sites then you can set your Extension-Manager’s options to use the Loading Policy ‘Unrestricted’ and they will load OK anyway…

But now the complications…
I know that Fredo’s extensions and his Lib are both ‘signed’, so you should not be seeing this issue at all !
The extensions listed are the current ones too…

So this leads me to suspect that something is preventing SketchUp fully validating the extension’s validity…

How did you install the RBZ files ?
If you used the SketchUp Extension-Manager dialog’s Install… button it should have been done OK.
The SketchUcation ExtensionStore³ would also work OK.

Assuming you did a good installation then perhaps something is preventing SketchUp from reading the ‘signing’ files etc ?
This might be due to an incorrect installation…
How did you install SketchUp v2021 ?
What is its app’s path etc ??
Where is the v2021 Plugins folder ???
Please post these so that a MAC savvy guy can comment on this…

Thanks - seems to be working right now - after the final round of downloading this and that… So I hope for the best !