Fredo Spline

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been using Fredo pline. It seems like it doesn’t work anymore. I tried to install the latest version, yet, nothing happens. I guess I will have to pay for it? I installed Fredo6 Libfredo6 already. Anyone an ide of what I’m doing wrong?


Hard to say with no more information than we have but it is not a free extension. You have to have the current LibFredo6 installed and the current version of the Sketchucation Extension Store. Use the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install the current version of both LibFredo6 and Fredo Spline. After you’ve got everything installed and the license file downloaded, quit and restart SketchUp. Go into the FredoSpline menu License setting and add the license file.

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Indeed, unfortunately fredo spline is not included with the fredo bundle of extensions, it costs 24 dollars of my memory doesn’t fail, but like all of Fredo’s plug-ins, it’s totally worth it.

I guess you’re right, it’s worth it.

Is that the samen as the “Plugin Store” search tab?


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No, the Sketchup extension warehouse is the native plugin store, you must install the sketchucation plugin store from the link that Dave provided.

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As an experiment, you might open the Ruby Console in SketchUp and look to see if any error or other interesting messages appear there when trying to use the spline plugin.

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Found out how to get it…