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Hello. I’d like to make some pottery in SketchUp and thought I would find the Bezier Curve extension useful so I downloaded it. However, the Bezier Curve tools are not showing. I checked my Extension Manager and see it is downloaded and enabled. I then checked my Toolbars to make sure the Bezier Curve was selected but do not see it in the list. I thought closing out of my SketchUp and opening it back up might help. That did not work. So I signed out, closed out, opened it back up and signed in again and that still did not help. Please, does anyone here know what is wrong or how I can fix it? By the way, I use SketchUp Pro on a Windows Desktop PC.

Which Bezier Curve extension are you using?

If it’s the one from the SketchUp team, did you try looking in the Draw menu?
Screenshot - 7_9_2022 , 4_55_47 PM

FWIW, you might find Fredo6’s FredoSpline more useful.

Hello, Dave. Thank you. That seems to be the one I downloaded, but my draw tool is functioning the same as it did before. No new options there. I will try FredoSpline while I am waiting on a resolution to my Bezier Curve issue. Always enjoy your fast responses. Many thanks.

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Try closing and restarting SketchUp.

Okay. I did another logout/login and restart and then found it in my settings. THANK YOU!! :hugs:

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