JS Bezier extension does not show in extensions pull down


I have installed JS Rational Bezier Curve extension.
The extension manager shows it as enabled.
When I go to the extensions pull down menu on the main page it does not appear.

I have reinstalled, and tried restarting Sketchup, but it still does not show.


Based on the Extension Warehouse page for the extension, I wouldn’t expect it to show up in the Extension menu. I would expect it to show up in the Context menu as shown in the animated GIF.


You may be misunderstanding what the extension does, it is a tool to edit bezier curves that have already been created. It doesn’t draw bezier curves, you first need to use the bezier curve tool then access it through the context menu as @DaveR has shown.


Ah! You are right. I misunderstood what the extension does.
The Sketchup Bezier tool does not show up in the extensions pull down either. But the other plug in I used does.
Should I start another post with the correct title?


Before you start another thread, I think you should read the page on the Extension Warehouse for it where it says:

To draw a Bezier curve:

  1. Choose Draw > Bezier Curves
  2. Click to set a start point
  3. Click again to set the end point of the line
  4. Move the cursor to adjust the first curve
  5. Click to apply the first curve
  6. Move the cursor to create the second curve
  7. Click to set the second curve

The SketchUp Bezier tool isn’t supposed to show up in the Extensions menu, either.


Thanks. I missed that. Sorted now.