Bezier Curve Tool - can't see toolbar in Sketchup Pro 2024

I recently updated from Sketchup Pro 2023 to Pro 2024. I then downloaded the Bezier Tool (v1.1.1). Seems to have downloaded and installed OK because I can see it as “Enabled” in Extension Manager. However, the Bezier Curve toolbar is nowhere to be found - not on screen, not in toolbars. Help!

Assuming you mean fredo6 bezier tool, did you also install libfredo6?

Edit: I got to the computer to check, and 1.1.1 is from the SketchUp team, not Fredo6. I installed it to check, and looking at the code, it does not have a toolbar.

Edit2: It adds an item in the Draw menu.

Thanks - I see the item in the Draw menu now. However, I’m now realizing that what I need is the Fredo6 tool you mentioned (FredoSpline). I had this installed in my Sketchup 2023 Pro version and have been using it for free. But now I have upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2024 and am trying to get setup the same as before. I now see on the Sketchucation site that FredoSpline v2.6a, which is listed as compatible with Sketchup 2024, is a pay version? In the overview tab here (FredoSpline | SketchUcation) it says 15 day free trial then pay options beyond. Is this the only way to use it in Sketchup 2024, or is there a free version download somewhere? (Note: I have also LibFredo6_v14.5c so I’m all set there. Thank you

FredoSpline as well as a number of other extensions by Fredo6 became paid extensions several years ago. There are no free versions of them. While not as powerful or flexible as FredoSpline, the Bezier plugin from the Extension Warehouse, which you apparently have is still free. It does not have a toolbar, though.

For FredoSpline you also need to have the current version of the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool installed.

FredoSpline announcement from January 2021

Thanks DaveR. Very helpful.

If there is a free version for download somewhere, it is a cracked version and using it would be theft. IMO Fredo is entitled to the license fee after all the spectacular extensions he has put years of work into.

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You’re welcome.

BTW, please correct your forum profile. SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for school children. It has no facility for using extensions.

This is the most exciting news I’ve heard since the mirror tool was introduced! I just installed the extension. I assume they plan to integrate it into the main toolbar once they have received more feedback and determined it is bug free?

That extension originally from 2004, If they wanted to include it in, they would have already done it. But that’s fine, because then whoever wants to install it can install it; for the others -who do not want to use it - won’t be mandatory…


Darn, oh well, I can dream. Unless I’m missing something, there is no icon for it right, you can only access it via shortcuts or the tool menu? Also, when I introduce new users to Sketchup, I try not to show them extensions as it can get confusing fast. But lacking the ability to have Bézier curves is odd for a lot new users, as they are a primary feature of most CAD line tools, and in the graphic design world, they are the most used feature. Sketchup’s relatively affordable pricing and (free entry point for students and those learning the basics and not yet using it professionally) is a great way of letting graphic designers mockup interiors for experiential graphics (also called environmental graphics) and packaging.

As I wrote:

There is no icon. I wrote there’s no Toolbar for it so there’d be no icon.

Access it from the menu or create a keyboard shortcut.

From the Extension Warehouse page for the plugin. Best to read the instructions for extensions when you install them.
Screenshot - 7_7_2024 , 4_16_01 PM

I’m sorry, I failed at reading.