Manipulated the Bezier Curve Tool


Sketchup Pro 2018… just downloaded the Bezier curve tool AND the Manipulate Bezier Curve Directly Tool…

Using the Bezier curve tool now but can not even find the Manipulate tool even though extensions manager says its installed…

Where can I find this tool and/or - is there a better tool to fine tune my curves with?

Thanks you!



I would expect you would find it in the Context menu when you right click on a Bezier curve.That’s what is indicated in the instructions.

Are you not finding it there?



eek! & Pardon me… i didn’t read my instructions… opps

    but thanks so much for the quick reply!!!!  smiles!
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No worries.

Have you used Fredo’s Bezier Spline tools?



No, I have not. Sounds like maybe I should check them out!?



I would suggest it.
Get Lib_Fredo6 too.



Okay - I will check it out!
Just curious… can all plugins be trusted? And if not… how do we know which ones are good?



OH my goodness - bless your heart, that is SO much better… I didn’t get the Lib_Fredo6 but the fredo curves are nice. thank you!

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That’s a good question. The ones from Fredo and others from Sketchucation can be trusted as well as those from the Extension Warehouse and It pays to be wary of other ones, though. If you aren’t sure, ask here.

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thank you! I am glad I asked…

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