Anyone know a good Bezier plugin

Hi All,
I have just downloaded a Bezier plugin, made by the sketchup team. It seems OK but it doesn’t seem to offer much control in the entity window. For instance, you dont seem to be able to control the number of segments. This is very important to me as when I laser cut a big panel of steel, I dont want it to be all lumpy and bumpy.
Here is a screenshot of the entity window. I had a look at Fusion 360 and it seems to offer a great spline tool as standard. I might have to commit to learning the program.

No screenshot or link to one is visible in your post.

Search both the Sketchup Extension Warehouse ( and the SketchUcation Plugin Store ( for Bezier and you should find several to try, to see which gives you the options you want.

The Fredo6 one is pretty good in my view, but there are quite a few more on the Extension Warehouse.

Thanks John. Am I doing something wrong with my image upload? I used the image upload button, selected my file, but it didn’t load… any ideas?

Not sure. There’s a size limit on uploads - but it would usually tell you if the file is too big (3MB IIRC).

Try reducing the resolution to something around 800px horizontally, and see if that makes a difference.

Extension warehouse -

Manipulate Bezier curve directly is worth a look.

I use Trimble´s extension but manually change the hard coded value for segments in the source code and reload it. Started making my own tool but never finished it.

Dave, thanks so much. I had a quick look and found that there were many of them listed under Fredo6… Would you know which particular one you have?

Had a quick look where? The Extension Warehouse? As I mentioned in your previous thread about this. Fredo’s bezier isn’t available via the Extension Warehouse, whatever you are seeing there by searching for fredo and bezier are other peoples various bezier extensions.
While Fredo6 has many extensions, all of which are available from Sketchucation, he only has one Bezier Extension and it is called Bezier Spline. It is not available from the Extension Warehouse.

“Bezier Curve Manager”= 4$ USD!…, maybe.