How to draw stringers?

How do I draw a irregular curve like on this stringer?

Been brain braking a bit!!

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Wow, is this a particular extension?

The extension (s4u Stair) does not matter in this case, you have already created the steps.

I just found Bezier Spline, from Fredo6, but just can find to open it. I downloaded it succesfully, but no toolbar is showing or nowhere to be found.

Where did you get it?

Did you also install LibFredo6? It is required.

from sketchucation plugin store. How and where do I find LibFred6?

Go to the Sketchucation Plugin Store and search for it…

Restart SketchUp after installing.

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Next thing I have to model, that is tricky, I’m just going to have Mihal do it! :grinning:


I downloaded this one, but when I try to Install it or even just open it , nothing happens, nor van I find it anywhere under the tool tab…

LibFredo6? It’s not suppose to show in the Tools menu. Assuming you installed it correctly it should show in the Window menu.

No. Nothing in the Window menu. If I click on the logo in downloads, it simply disappears, cannot be installed is my conclusion…

It sounds like you aren’t installing these extensions. Are you going to Window>Extension Manager and clicking Install Extension?

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tried again, now I can open it, this one…? (cannot insert print screen)…

yep!!! I simply didn’t know that. Now I have LibFredo6 installed. Do I have to do this procedure every time I want to install a plugin?

If you are downloading them to your computer to install them, yes. Extensions that come from the Extension Warehouse can be installed through the Extension Warehouse interface in the Window menu. If you install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool you can do a similar thing with extensions from Sketchucation. Search for the extension and click the Install button.

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Note that LibFredo6 does NOT need to be installed multiple times. It is a shared component used by @Fredo6 's extensions. If you install more than one of his extensions, LIbFredo6 will only need to be installed once (in order to get the first of his extensions to operate, whichever extension that happens to be). After that, the installed copy of LibFredo6 will be used by all of his other extensions.

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I’ve got the Bezier Spline (from Fredo6) that I was looking for,… I have the toolbar installed.

So Dave, I
Guess Sketchucation Extension Store is another source than Extension Warehouse?

Yes, exactly so. The SketchUcation site predates Trimble’s Extension Warehouse, if I recall correctly.