How to draw stringers?

Yes. There are many extension authors who choose to have their extensions hosted at Sketchucation instead of in the Extension Warehouse.

You do recall correctly. It predates the EW by a long time.

Which one do you prefer? Or do you use both?

I use both. They aren’t duplicates of each other. If you want current extensions from Fredo6 or TIG, for example, they are only available through Sketchucation.

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Thanks a lot guys!! I don’t know what time it’s for U but here’s it’s bed-time! I haven’t been using SU very long or a lot, but really need it for my business. especially for making stairs. Computers can be very helpful, but if you’re not well trained with it, you can loose a lot of time as well, pfieuw.

By the way,
Does any of you have some idea if the “Shaper Origin” hand-held CNC router is a good tool for professionals? There is a lot of promotion on Instagram for it.

I’ve watched some videos on the Shaper Origin but haven’t seen one in person yet. Looks kind of cool.