Bezier Curve Tool

Hello dear sketchup users,

i just need help with “Bezier Curve Tool” i can not bend the line more than twice. Wich plugin or setting can help me for bend more than 2 times ?

Thank you.

What do you mean by bending the curve twice? You should be able to continue to add control points between the first and last points on the curve.

Hello man

Just check difference betwen theese 2 gifs.

Here only 2 times like me.

And here 6

Double clicking sets the last control point.

Can you please explain more accurate ?

The old bezier tool will make more points with single clicks.

And what is name of old tool ? Or any link ?

It’s the Bezier Curve plug-in available in the Extension Warehouse.

I use this Bezier plugin, it has much more capability, options, and help
Make sure you follow Fredo6 instruction for install!

Thank you let me try it.

With the Bezier-Curve-Tool from the Extension Warehouse you can change the degrees from 3 clicks to 2 clicks before setting the first point. Select the tool and a 3 will appear in the Measurements Box, then Backspace and type 2 and Enter. Also you can draw the curve with either 2 or 3 degree selected, then just select the curve and right click on it. A drop down box will offer two choices for editing the curves, as well as converting them. With the BezierSpline tool a simple select and right click will open it for editing. …Peace…

To be clear, this one:
Bezier Curve Tool by SketchUp Team — Extension Warehouse

It seems you’re not aware of a fundamental feature of the SketchUp GUI … the Measurements Toolbar
By default the Measurements toolbar is located at bottom right of the SU window.

Notice the Measurements toolbar becomes active when you launch the Bezier Curve tool.
Also notice it’s renamed, Degree.

Try this…
• Launch the Bezier Curve Tool
• Type the number of degrees (control points) you want and press Enter
• Then begin drawing the Bezier curve.

My apologies, I haven’t used that old Bezier Curve tool from the EW for a long time because I use the one in Fredo’s Bezier Spline tool set from Sketchucation. I just installed and tried the old one. I’d forgotten that you need to enter a value for “Degree” in the Measurements box before you start drawing the curve. By default it is set to 3 but you can change that number if you need more points.

Fredo’s Bezier Curve tool allows you to continue adding points as you draw and double clicking will set the last point. You can also edit the curve and add points if needed. I like Fredo’s version better so I guess I’ll retire the old tool again.

Edit: Geo posted while I was typing. He shows how to change the number of points.

Thanks with help guys :smile: now i understand everythíing and it work perfectly

BIG Thanks.

I currently have the EW bezier curve tool installed. Can I lock the axis for all control points some way? Do I need Fredo’s bezier spline tool to do this?

Are you trying to keep the curve 2D? If so, the best thing would be to draw a large rectangle to work on. Switching to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view can work, too.

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Yes I was trying to make a demo for the gentleman from Norway trying to do the conduit. Obviously I have to stay in the wall plane and enter boxes perpendicularly and I kinda wanted to not have multiple segments etc. It’s good excercise. I forgot so much in my hiatus.

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Generally for things like that I would start with straight line segments out of the boxes and connect them with the Bezier curve. Then I’d weld them together. This would make it easier to add a circle on the end of the profile (if you’re doing it manually) to use with Follow Me.

For that sort of thing you probably need to come straight out of the boxes a little bit, anyway.