How to draw Bezier curve "through points"



I have just installed a Ruby Script Bezier curve through points. I have used such in a 2D program before, but in Autosketch, it seems to be set for three points only and I need a larger number of points to trace existing curves from a jpg image of text.
How can I change the number of designated points?
Thank you.
Steve Haskell


With that plugin you can change the number of control points by typing the desired number before you click to set the first point.

I prefer to use Fred’s Bezier Spline tools which is available from It lets you keep adding control points until you are finished and double click to set the final point. You can also edit the curve after you’ve placed it.

By the way, Bezier curves don’t pass through their control points. You might use a Catmull Spline instead. This is available in Fredo’s tools.


Thank you, Dave.
That sounds ideal for my application.
I’ll try it this evening.
Steve Haskell


I am getting the hang of drawing Bezier curves but I have a new problem with them.
I draw several sections connected end-to-end with the last end point connected to the first starting point, thus making a closed object. I want to fill that object with black paint but it won’t do it. I downloaded a Weld extension to weld all the points and that seems to be welding properly, but still let me fill with black paint… If I make two simple curves with endpoints connected into a crude oval, I can fill that with paint with no difficulty., If I make three,or more, such curves connected together, I cannot find a way to fill the surface with paint.
Btw, I’m not sure I told you that I am using ShetchUp Make 2016. I don’t have the video accelerator needed for 2017.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you Steve Haskell


Steve, are all the points on your curves in the same plane? If not you won’t get a face even if the loop is closed.

Perhaps you could upload the SKP file so I can take a look at it.


Dave, I believe they are coplanar, but not positive. I’ll try to upload
the SKP file, later today.
Thanks for the info.


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