Adjust Curvature in Skp Make?


I can’t figure out how to adjust curves or set points in Sketchup Make. Perhaps in not possible in Make? It tells me how in the link I’ve attached but I can’t get the program to do it. Can one only do this in the Pro version?

Ultimately I’d like to create wavy lines that I can adjust once drawn. I don’t care for the method of drawing multiple arcs. Using a bezier curve is too limiting as well.

I’m drawing things to export as a dwg file so I can cut things out on a cnc machine. The lines need to be very smooth as I’m building furniture. So I still need to be able to adjust the number of segments. It’d be nice to add points as well.

Here’s the link to the explanation:

I’d love it if someone could clue me in.



Your link is to a tool in LayOut - a companion program that comes with SU Pro.

Get the plugin called BezierSpline.


Thank you for clarifying that. I tried looking it up in the extension warehouse and I got this: “Well, that’s a bummer, your search for “BezierSpline” did not return any results.” Other ideas?


Plugins are hosted all over the place. It’s at SketchUcation. Google it for a direct link.

You’ll need to join SketchUcation, it’s free. The download (and another required plugin) is an RBZ file. Install those from inside SU, through Window > Preferences > Extensions. Click the Install Extension button.


Bezier Spline v1.7a by Fredo6
Be certain to go to and READ the More Info page regarding installation and usage.


Thank you! It worked! The Uniform B Spline tool within that plugin is EXACTLY the tool I was looking for.



You should have a look at Fredo6s Curvizard plugin too.