Help with 3 issues in model please

I’ve drawn up most of the model of our proposed house, mainly as practice. But I have three issues I can’t seem to resolve.

  1. The roof panels are sideways on a couple of sections of the lower roof.
  2. I can’t remove the outline of the roof on the walls of the upper floor.
  3. I can’t remove the intersection line on the front of the stonework pillar.

As far as I know I’ve done everything as per the skill builder videos, but happy to be corrected and/or to learn more. All help appreciated. Russell

New House.skp (1.1 MB)

First of all you should reverse all those ‘back faces’. After you change one of the faces via Right Click > Reverse Face, you can then right click the face you reversed and choose 'Orient Faces’. (You can check this in monochrome style. Back faces are shown in blueish color by default and ‘front faces’ are white. Back faces are evil, avoid them)

Basically everything that human eye can see must be front face (white) in SketchUp.

  1. So i assigned default material to get rid of the texture from back face and reassigned roof material. That also fixed the side problem you face. (If you somehow still get the issue in the process, Right Click to face > Texture > Reset Position)

  1. and 3.
    Your model is messy. There are a lot of stray edges and polygons are not properly created. Those stray edges cause the outline you see in the interior and facade. Clean them with CleanUp³ extension. Also Solid Inspector² extension will come in handy in the process. It detects and fixes most of the problem or tell you what & where the problem is.


Here is the .skp i modified : russell_house.skp (674.0 KB)

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Thanks Filibis.

I thought I did make all faces front faces. As for messy, can you tell me why? I thought I followed the correct processes, but must have done something wrong - what?

I haven’t downloaded extensions being a bit cost-prohibited at the moment (budget is V E R Y stretched since I spent 12 months without work - us 60’s folks get passed over easily) and extremely wary of frauds. I’m trying to learn this to earn some beer money.

Oh, and reversing the faces didn’t seem to work on the small segment on the right (North) side between the indented laundry and the living room. My fault?

Sorry - reset position worked on the third try. Que??? De nada,

The image above displays lots of stray edges that have no use to the model. Those must be erased, otherwise could cause problems later on (Such as sticking to the ungrouped geometry). Also there are lots of edges on coplanar faces without purpose, those must be eliminated as well.

Another main issue is that some of your geometry (roof, windows etc.) are ‘paper thin’. You must give them a thickness. From interior we should see the ceiling and from exterior we should see the roof. However in your model there is no ceiling. Instead we are seeing the back face of the roof which is not good.

Also check the second floor plan, it’s not covering the house outline properly.

Those extensions i shared are completely free.

Are you referring to the windows or walls? Because walls seem okay (white) to me. Make sure you ‘enter’ inside the groups by double clicking, then right click to the face.

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